How Does Singapore Math compare?

How Does Singapore Math compare
  1. How does Singapore Math compare with other Maths programs?
    Singapore Maths is a balance between drill and creative problem-solving. Customers who have used other programs think that the Singapore approach moves along to more abstract math concepts in a more rational way and, depending on the student’s pace, more quickly. Other positive feedback indicates that the Singapore approach encourages greater problem-solving skills and creative thinking.
  2. Does Singapore Maths use the incremental, spiral, or unit-style approach?
    The Singapore Maths curriculum does not conform strictly to any of the above approaches. The strong point of Primary Maths is the way basic concepts are presented. There is always more than one approach, and the workbooks are instrumental in making sure the information is generalized in the way desired. There are ‘Practice’ and ‘Revision’  that serve as unit tests at the ends of chapters and sections. There is a really effective mix of the drill, word problems, and mental calculation instruction connected to all important concepts. While typical U.S. curricula touch on a larger number of topics rather superficially, PM nails the core maths curriculum in a way that better prepares students for higher maths. learn more about Us Curriculum at Does Singapore Math compare
  3. How is Maths drilled in Singapore?
    Individual teachers approach the process of oral drill and use of manipulatives differently. There is, however, great emphasis on homework and practice. The workbooks are intended to be completed by students without assistance.
  4. How teacher-intensive is the program?
    As with any program, effective supervision plays an important role.
  5. Is there any part of Singapore Math which is independent learning?
    The student is expected to do all the work in the workbooks independently.
  6. Do we need to purchase additional products such as manipulatives for use with this curriculum?
    Teachers in Singapore use simple manipulatives such as flashcards, charts, and 3-dimensional objects, Classic Kids CDs.
  7. What grading scales are used in Singapore for primary level math?A* to U Grade System
    A*: 91% and above
    A: 75% to 90%
    B: 60% to 74%
    C: 50% to 59% (passing grade)
    D: 35% to 49%
    E: 20% to 34%
    U: 0% to 19% (Ungraded)50% is the minimum passing mark for primary school math.
    A* Distinction (91% and above).Note: some schools adopt the Band System from Primary 1 to Primary 3 (or Primary 5).  By Primary 6, most schools would have switched to A* to U Grade System.Band System for Lower Primary
    Band 1: 85% to 100%
    Band 2: 70% to 84%
    Band 3: 50% to 69% (passing grade)
    Band 4: Below 50%