Christian Light Education

Christian Light Education

Homeschool Curriculum for Grades K-12

For over 20 years, Christian Light Education books has been to produce quality school material to help prepare students for life, both academically and spiritually. Do you need a full curriculum program? Looking for a specific subject to supplement your curriculum? CLE offers a complete curriculum for K-12, including high school electives.

You’re thinking about homeschooling?

Christian Light Education has been successfully helping students since 1980. CLE’s wide range of options meets many different needs. From preschool through high school, CLE offers a complete academic education.


CLE curriculum emphasizes wholesome morals, godly character training, family values, modesty, simplicity, and thrift. A creationist life-view leads students to marvel at the wonder of God’s work in nature. In each course, our goal is to look at the subject from God’s perspective. “Cease, my son, to hear the instruction that causeth to err from the words of knowledge.”

Christian Light Education

Academically Sound

Parents using CLE continually report above-average achievement on standardized test scores. Here’s why: CLE believes that quality of learning is more important than the quantity of material. Students are led through memory, comprehension, application, analysis, synthesis, and finally, evaluation.

Easy to Use

Whether you’re working with one student or several children at different levels, CLE will fit. Most courses can be either teacher-led or self-paced. This provides mothers with more freedom to spend time with one child while others work independently. Quizzes, tests and complete answer keys to make measuring progress simple and straightforward.